Everything you need to know about Judaism and being Jewish: the weekly Torah portion, Jewish holidays, Jewish rituals and more.

Is Judaism at a place where it can spread to the nations? - new book

For the first time in 2,000 years, current and former Christians from around the world are discovering that the Christian teachings with which they were reared include an abundance of deception.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler

Hanukkah has no biblical mandate - here's why it's a big deal

Why have we been celebrating Hanukkah for 80 generations because of the way some candles burned?


Proposed conversion reforms a 'spiritual disaster' - Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi

The proposed reforms would allow municipal chief rabbis to do conversions, making it easier for people of Jewish descent who are not Jewish.

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David more Jewish than ever in latest season

This season, it’s not just the occasional matzoh ball joke or the Yiddish lesson he gave Jon Hamm in the season premiere. Larry David is plunging into questions of Jewish pride and belief.


Parashat Miketz: All things dark and bright

Judaism is not binary – it does not teach that there are forces of light and darkness that are wholly separate and distinct. Rather, there is an interdependence and an intertwining.


Parashat Miketz: A story about fate

God presents us time and time again with the choice of acting correctly, with honesty and integrity, or acting immorally.


Naomi’s Zyklon B Holocaust Hanukkah miracle 

About 20 people were in line for the Nazi gas chambers before her when Naomi’s Hanukkah miracle happened.

Herzog hosts first public event as US Ambassador

It was the first in-person event hosted by the Israeli Embassy since the beginning of COVID-19.

Rabbis Kanievsky and Edelstein denounce Western Wall agreement

They called on the community “to do everything to prevent this disgrace to the holy place” and to intensify their prayer and Torah study to prevent “this desecration of God’s name.”

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